Sample Press Conference Statement

(Response to 2017 Oscar “Best Picture” Mishap)

Thank you for joining us today members of the press and members of the Academy. Just about 24 hours ago, we all gathered, and the world tuned in to recognize the best and most brilliant in filmmaking with the conclusion of its most anticipated and prestigious award in entertainment – the award for Best Picture. We applaud their hard work and marvel at their talent and skill but last night we fell short of that. Moonlight, the powerful coming of age drama about a young gay black man brought to life by Director Jenkins and the producers, crew members and actors, was regrettably and inadvertently stripped of their full recognition for Best Picture. We are ashamed and deeply sorry for the confusion and muddled way in which those events transpired. 

Immediately following the conclusion of the televised event, we launched an investigation with PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the accounting firm responsible for counting and delivering the award recipients, to determine where the error occurred. We discovered that the disappointing turn of events was a result of an honest human error where presenters were mistakenly given the envelope for Best Support Actress winner by a member of PriceWaterhouse, which said Emma Stone: La La Land. We want to assure you all we are not taking this issue lightly. We have begun discussions for implementing stronger protocols and security measures for next year to eliminate the possibility of a situation such as this but also how to better prepare for an instance if this could occur.

Moonlight undeniably merits the spotlight and we promise to properly recognize them in a presentation of their award through a first-of-its-kind Academy gala we’ve put together to honor the winner of Best Picture. We will additionally recognize them at the beginning of next year’s award ceremony in an effort to do the best we can to acknowledge and honor the Moonlight team. There will be more details on this to come. 

The Oscars is about bringing artists together to celebrate one another and I and the Academy applaud La La Land and Moonlight as well as the presenters for showing us in the sincerest form what Hollywood look likes. The presenters and the nominees handled the situation with the utmost respect and grace and for that we are so proud. The Academy strives to be better with each year and promises to learn from this event to bring our viewers and participants great award ceremonies to celebrate the magic of filmmaking. Thank you for your time. You can reach our press office at if you have further questions.  


Sample Press Release

I-CE-NY Boston Sponsors Boston’s First Street Food Night Market on Newbury Street

(Boston, Mass.— April 8, 2019— I-CE-NY Boston) I-CE-NY Boston announced today it will be one of the co-sponsors of Boston’s first street food night market: “617 Night Market,” a traditional way of naming markets after the host city’s area code. I-CE-NY Boston partnered with other local Southeast Asian restaurants, LimeRed Teahouse, a bubble teahouse in Allston, and Tiger Mama, the Thai-inspired restaurant located in Fenway, to head back to their roots as night markets embody a large part of dining culture in Southeast Asia.

“The traditional smashed and rolled ice cream, ‘I-TIM-PAD’, debuted at a night market in Thailand, and we wanted to honor that by hosting our own night market,” said Mingdong (Oliver) Li, founder and owner of I-CE-NY Boston.

            The night market will include over 25 Asian restaurants, cafes and food trucks from all around Boston. Newbury street will be closed for the evening event filled with local food, art and music. Attendees can stroll down the street visiting vendors at this open-air market similar to those in Southeast Asian countries where night markets play an impactful role within the food business for these countries.

            “Introducing a night market to Boston is a great way to bring together the wide variety of Asian cuisine that makes up the diverse food palette in Boston,” said Rachel Leah Blumenthal, editor at Eater Boston.

            The “617 Night Market” will take place on the third of May on Newbury Street from 4-10 p.m. Tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite, which can be found on I-CE-NY Boston’s website and social media pages. Tickets cost $10 for adults, $5 for children under 12 years of age, and a special student rate is available with a valid student ID for $7. Tickets fulfill an entrance fee, but do not include purchases made at the trucks and booths.

About I-CE-NY Boston

I-CE-NY Boston is an ice cream shop franchise located on Newbury Street offering its original smashed and rolled ice cream called “I-TIM-PAD.”  With over 250 locations throughout Asia and over 20 locations in the United States, the Boston location is the first of its kind in Massachusetts.



Sample Feature Article

Gre.Co: Bringing Greek street food with a modern twist.

August 6, 2018 | By Maya Malekian

For around 100,000 Greeks, the Greater Boston area is a place they now call home. Following Greece’s independence from the Ottoman Turks in 1832, many Greeks immigrated to the States and settled in one of the country’s largest Greek communities beside Chicago and New York. As with any immigrant group, along with the people came the culture and in more quantifiable terms—the food. And in result, the Greek community’s influence in Boston certainly does not go unnoticed.

With over 25 Greek restaurants spread out all over the city of Boston, Gre.Co catches the attention of Newbury Street visitors and locals with its underground modern and hip setting. You go down a tight set of steps and walk into a party of scents and sounds set in aesthetically pleasing store decorated with Greek herbs and plant details. Pop music plays, the cooks sing along, the cashiers dance along, and now I have a slight hop in my step. The front half of the restaurant is surrounded by the sweet scent of fresh loukoumades (Greek-styled doughnuts) frying. The further you walk in, the stronger the scents are of the spices surrounding the gyro roasting on its spit.

I met with Gre.Co’s co-manager, Stefanos Ougrinis to hear more about the eatery’s “truly Greek” food as stated in their motto. “It’s authentic Greek-style street food with a modern twist,” said Ougrinis.

The menu features classic gyros made with marinated and roasted meats sourced from local farms and fresh tomatoes, onions, and hand-cut potatoes all wrapped up in a pita imported from the Mediterranean. You have the option to take the “truly Greek” route or to create-your- own adventure.

The Classics on their menu include six combinations of their five proteins accompanied with traditional sauces as you would find in the streets of Greece. If you find yourself feeling innovative and nonconformist, there are ample opportunities for you. First you begin with your dish style—pita, plate, or salad. The pita is designed the same way as the classics but can be personalized to your preference. The plate offers a protein, a dip and a side, as well as cut pitas. The salad option allows you to combine one of their three traditional salads named after well- known places in Greece such as the Mykonian and customize them with a protein, a dip, and a side.

Gre.Co’s variety of proteins resemble those you would find in the streets of Aigio, Greece where owner Demetri Tsolakis’ family comes from as well as Gre.Co’s unique olive oil, coffee, hazelnut spread, and tomato paste. The three meats, pork, lamb, and chicken, which are traditionally found on the spit are found turning in the right side of the restaurant. The other two proteins, bifteki and veggie are homemade patties—the former resembling a burger patty and the latter comparable to a squash fritter. Along with the filling comes the sauces and the sides which can be found all over the mainland of Greece and all can be enjoyed together and on its own.’s most popular contemporary twist on the classics is their variety of loukoumades. A Greek dessert made by frying a signature dough rolled into knots-- a bit different from traditional dough used in doughnuts—and combined with an array of toppings including the classics and some updated sweet notes that attracts any sweet tooth. In the dessert menu, you’ll be sure to find the “Classic” option, as in their lunch menu, featuring Greek honey, walnuts, and cinnamon—somewhat like the signature Greek dessert: baklava. In addition to the “Greek way” of enjoying loukoumades, there are updated toppings such as their “s’morecrates” made of marshmallow, chocolate, and graham crackers and the “Troy story” including peanut butter, snickers, and caramel. “You’d never see these toppings at the Greek dessert stands, but the people here enjoy it and we want to make them happy”, shares Ougrinis who believes staying “up-to-date” with the latest flavors and trends is what keeps them in business.

After placing my order for the classic bifteki, Ougrinis explained to me their dedicated support for local farms that sets them apart from the longer standing Greek food establishments. “We want to help the people in our backyard because we serve the people here in our front yard,” said Ougrinis. As he helps me decide a beverage to accompany my flavorful meal, he points out the imported Greek drinks like sour cherry lemonade and ouzo-flavored water as well as the “Spindrift” cans that support the local company found outside of Boston.

To my surprise, I learn that Gre.Co isn’t Tsolakis’ first attempt to bring a little Greek to Boston. Tsolakis is also the owner of one of my favorite Greek restaurants “Committee” in Seaport. A fancier restaurant that you’ll always find booked up until 10pm on weekends.

Tsolaki’s grandmother immigrated to Massachusetts when she was fourteen and along with her came her recipes from Aigio. Tsolaki’s restaurants are inspired by “Yiayia’s” (grandmother’s) authentic home dishes. He visits the village of Aigio twice a year looking for further cuisine inspiration and never forgets to bring along the flavors and spices of Greece to his restaurants to give diners a taste of his home.

I walk in and the place always feels like home. The employees never fail to remind me that this restaurant is what is because of family. Whether it’s the impromptu dance parties that occur when their favorite Greek song comes on or the smiles I get each time they see my drooling face and eyes lighting up, I always feel welcomed and comfortable as I did in my own “Yiayia’s” home. And that’s why I continue to go back to Stefanos and the rest of the family. They never fail to remind me: “You’re always welcome in the Greek’s home”.


Sample Pitch Email


44 Buswell Street Boston, MA 02215 | 818-823-8930 |

18 March 2019

Wendy Semonian Eppich


The Improper Bostonian

142 Berkeley Street, 3rdFloor

Boston, MA 02216

Dear Wendy Semonian Eppich:

I-CE-NY brings the rolled ice cream trend to Boston with its eclectic flavors and toppings all coming together in a colorful and tasty bouquet adding a sweet new twist to “a day out for ice cream” for all ages.

Rolled ice cream landed #1 as 2019’s hottest culinary trend in sweets, according to 650 professional chefs around the nation. I-CE-NY feeds Boston, known for its global culinary community and its hungry market of foodies, with a yummy and “Instagramable” sweet treat. Generating over 147 thousand hashtags on Instagram, this delicacy has gone viral with its highly addictive “how it’s made” videos. For the past few months, I have been working closely with I-CE-NY and owner Oliver Li, who opened the store while he was a student at Boston University. 

On my background as a writer and social media director, my work has appeared numerous times in The Armenian Weekly. 

The Improper Bostonian caters to a curious and influential demographic of trendsetters and daring readers. “Rolled Up in Trends and Flavor: I-CE-NY Boston”would attract the Improper’sfood and lifestyle audience who look for the unique attractions and food destinations that set Boston apart as a world-class city.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this story idea. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.


Maya Malekian


Sample Influencer Pitch

Hi Kate,

I was impressed by your Instagram account @bucketlistboston. You cover a wide array of local food, culture and excursions that make Boston a cultural hub, which is why I think ICENY Boston is the next food destination to explore and cross off your bucket list. 

  • Here’s what makes us stand out:

    • As you are aware social media has a huge influence on where people turn to for food recommendations and to find what’s trending, the rolled ice cream trend has taken over social media with its satisfying and addictive “how it’s made” videos and generating over 147k hashtags on Instagram. 

    • ICENY Boston encourages partnerships with influencers like yourself and would love to collaborate with you in the creation of a new flavor. 

    • The owner of ICENY Boston, Mingdong Li, is a student like yourself who has also applied his public relations studies at Boston University to create a brand and open the first ICENY franchise in Boston. 

If this interests you in the slightest, please feel free to reach out to Boston franchise owner Mingdong Li at for further information. I’ve also attached a press release detailing some of the fun collaborations we do with the community here at ICENY Boston. 

Look forward to hearing from you!

Maya Malekian

ICENY Boston PR Specialist


Sample Letter from the CEO

15 October 2019

Letter from the CEO:

In response to Chipotle’s “Scarecrow” animated feature, Crow Foods Incorporated is actively working to establish the facts with the Food Safety and Inspection Services as they confirm that all our products are undoubtedly all-natural and safe. To reassure our consumers and employees are our priority, we will be kicking off the #FindtheFoodSource campaign as an effort to be more transparent about where our all-natural, safe products are sourced from. 

In collaboration with Food, Inc. documentary filmmaker Robert Kenner and American journalist and author of Fast Food Nation Eric Schlosser, Crow Foods Incorporated is kickstarting the campaign with a behind-the-scenes short documentary, Finding the Food Source, sharing Crow Foods Incorprated’s day-to-day operations and the local farms we partner with to bring fresh foods to individuals and families across the nation. 

However, our efforts do not end there. As part of our campaign, we are encouraging consumers to reach out to our company voicing their questions and concerns regarding where their produce comes from with #FindtheFoodSource hashtag included in their tweets. We promise to respond to these concerns with the specific team of farmers who helped distribute your dairy and meat products to your communities and homes.

As a growing number of Americans search for more sustainable and natural food alternatives, Crow Foods Incorporated is leading the way and paving the path for more transparency from food production companies about their products and processes for a better life and future for all Americans.

Crow Foods Incorporated started as a small agriculture farm owned by the Miller family in Goleta, California providing dairy and meat products to local grocery shops and homes within the area. Ten years later, demand grew and we transformed into a dairy and meat distribution company sharing our family farm with the nation. As we grew, capital changed and expanded, but our missions and values remained intact and honored. We made a commitment when our company went public to emphasize the importance of staying true to who we are no matter how much we grew. These promises included:

  • Our promise to distribute 100% all-natural and safe products to consumers across the nation.

  • Our commitment to supporting local businesses and family farms by maintaining our relationships with suppliers based in Goleta who we have worked with from day one.

  • Our goal to be one of the leading food distribution companies in its sustainability efforts.

As consumers and activists expressed their well-informed questions and justifiable frustrations about our products and processes after Chipotle’s “Scarecrow” advertisement, we recognized that there were many teachable moments from which we have reevaluated our choices and reemphasized our mission and values here at Crow Foods Incorporated. We immediately began working with critics and the public to develop a plan of execution to improve our communication practices with internal and external stakeholders that reflect our core values. First, Crow Foods Incorporated sent a team of communication and operation executives to our distribution centers to ensure the employees there understood our mission and guiding principles outlined in a 14-point guideline we assembled and distributed to all Crow Foods distribution centers. 

We also worked with the activist group Agriculture Justice Project to strengthen our commitment to providing our farmers with fair wages and leading the effort to bring the international fair trade program to the United States. We believed their principle, “transparency = trust”, accurately mirrored our core values and what guides our everyday operations and overall business models and strategies. 

    Our efforts in response to Chipotle’s “Scarecrow” advertisement is just a start to a reimagination of what the food industry can and should look like. The challenges we face can turn into greater opportunities for change and improvement when we align our business goals, models and products to reflect our enduring commitment to transparency and responsibility. 

    At Crow Foods Incorporated, we put the people first, take responsibility for all that we do and should do, and deliver the best quality products to all our consumers.

Thank you for your time and interest,

John Smith

President and CEO, Crow Foods Inc.


(818) 823-8930

Los Angeles, CA