• Maya Malekian

Why the Public is Obsessed with Celebrities

With events like the royal wedding gaining record coverage, as a public relations practitioners one wonders why the public is so obsessed over celebrities and their everyday lives.

Psychologists offer a variety of explanations for this fascination mainly rooted in the idea that at the dawn of film and television, Hollywood had been promoted as a place for A-list celebrities who live glamorous lives worthy of adoration and spotlight coverage. These celebrities also hold qualities that people admire and are inspired by, such as achieving their dreams. People want to have heroes and role models that inspire them to also live out their dreams. They want to know that ordinary people like themselves can live their best lives especially with the introduction of social media.

Additionally, people like to follow these celebrities for purely the entertainment factor. People like to “keep up” with the Kardashians, the Jenners, and more. They feel that even though it might not necessarily be their lives, they can still be a part of it and vicariously live through them. It’s an escape for the real-world stresses that remind them of their un-glamorous lives.

So whatever the motivation may be, the lure to following celebrities continues to grow with new media evolving and bringing audiences closer to the people they aspire to be or might just simply enjoy to follow. It creates riveting opportunities for public relations practitioners within the entertainment industry to use this obsession to their client’s advantage whether for better or for worse.

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