• Maya Malekian

Opposites Attract: A Journalism & Public Relations Student

If you look through my website you'll find cheesy phrases like "A Journalism and Public Relations Student Driven to Make the Headlines and the By-lines" and "Chose journalism to become a storyteller. Chose public relations to become a story maker." This has somewhat become my professional trademark when it comes to promoting my brand.

Pursuing a double major has been the most interesting and perplexing challenge during my college experience. It is the most unlikely pairing to some, but after a semester of learning more about both, I've seen how the two overlap in many ways and often rely on each other for mutual success.

Over the spring semester, I interned at The Armenian Weekly, a English-language, Armenian newspaper. My main role there was to help with media relations, which was quite valuable for me as a double major. I got to practice both sides of what I had been learning in school and see how they interact with one another. I transformed and published all of the incoming press releases from all of the U.S. into articles formatted for both print and digital format.

While there are major distinctions between the two practices such as, targeted audiences, objectivity vs. subjectivity, and freedom of expression, they share many similar qualities that interlink the two. Their goals are to communicate to the public, build trust, share information and tell (or make) stories. Without journalism, public relations lose an incredibly strong platform for disseminating their messages. Without public relations, journalism lose a deeper understanding of how organizations and individuals interact with different publics who impact their audience.

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