• Maya Malekian

Finding My Voice at Boston University's PRSSA 2019 Conference

On Saturday February 24th, I've never been so excited for something I don't even have. Listening to speakers and peers share their passions and how public relations provided them the outlet to share their passions inspired me both in terms of my career aspirations and overall outlook on my life.

This year, I decided to take a leap of faith and pursue a second major, in addition to journalism, in public relations. I always had it in the back of my mind as a career choice, but never felt brave enough to pursue with my fears and doubts. However, after yesterday I was able to see myself in this world using my passions and skills to be a storyteller for organizations and people I believe reflect my values and interests.

The theme for this year's PRAdvanced conference was "Finding Your Voice". If I can highlight one thing I learned from the conference that taught me the most, it is exactly that. In the industry of public relations, it can be quite a challenge to find your voice. Public relations practitioners can get so caught up in representing an organization; they might lose their own voices in the mix of it. But speakers like Anthony Harrison of Facebook and Brandi Boatner of IBM, reminded us young professionals how important it is to know your voice and not let it be covered by expectations or status quo and instead to use your voice to tell stories that make you and the organization you represent unique.

My favorite piece of advice from the conference was said by Anthony Harrison, Director of Corporate Media Relations for Facebook, "Finding your voice is essential to good storytelling". As Anthony elaborated, it is important to know your own voice and your story in order to tell other's stories and make them compelling to your audience.

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