• Maya Malekian

Exploring Public Relations in the Entertainment Industry

I may not know what I see myself doing ten or twenty years from now, but I have always known where. I grew up loving the limelight, the thrill that comes with it and inspiring people who share that special stage. A common response to the never-ending question of what I plan to do with my life after college always seemed to have the same response, "I'm not quite sure yet, but definitely hope to be in the entertainment industry."

So as a part of my exploration into the world of public relations, I wanted to focus on the industry I see myself most closely connected to. While asking around my professors and reading up on others' blogs, I found these common traits amongst a public relations practitioner in the entertainment industry.

The most interesting quality I learned about someone who does entertainment public relations was from my professor who emphasized the importance of recognizing that your client is atypical. They most likely are a high-profile individual or celebrity who has different personal traits than your average Joe. For example, these individuals tend to be more determined, hard working and charismatic. With this in mind, it is important to be ready for a diverse array of opinions, to maintain a strong level of communication and develop a mutual trust and respect. At the same time, another crucial component is being aware that your client wants to respect and value your work because you may know better than them on what their publics want and care about. I also quickly learned that in this industry you need to have tough skin, strong backbone and confidence. You don't want others to compromise your values and beliefs, and you want to maintain 100% honesty with your client.

This industry is cutthroat, but it is also exciting and invigorating with surprises at every corner. And that's what I love about it...

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