Meet Maya Malekian

I visualize visions. My mind is always racing with ideas, so I carry my journal of ideas wherever I go.

I work through each idea methodically by creating a storyboard of how the project will play out step-by-step. When the finished product looks nothing like the storyboard's ending, I know it's a job well done. I never want to strictly follow a model, but I always want to ensure I lay a foundation for tracking and evaluating before I tackle a project. 

Envision a project and I'll bring it to life. I love making something out nothing, or rather something out of a dream.

If I could have any superpower, it would be the ability to read people's dreams. Our minds collect countless ideas and visions during our deep sleep that just an ounce of that knowledge just might change the world.

So here I've put together some of the dreams I've achieved so far, and the storyboard for some of the dreams I hope to achieve someday.


de·sign·er | \ di-ˈzī-nər  \

one who creates and often executes plans for a project or structure




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Los Angeles, CA